World-Class Wine Products

How We Got Started

Purgatory Cellars Winery was established by a Croatian winemaker and an American Midwestern hardworking enthusiast, produced the first batch of wine 2014 mainly from Coloradan grapes, opened in April 2015. 2014 Zinfandel won a bronze medal at Colorado Governor’s Cup. Since its start Purgatory Cellars has been reviewed by many wine lovers and connoisseurs mapping Parker on the wine tasting itineraries. Beside serving wide range of wines we offer amphora wines, which is an ancient wine making technique, as wine is aged in clay pots and results in diverse flavors and amazing color, found only rarely in the U.S.

As only winery in Parker, we bring a unique experience to the guests, who enjoy a nice atmosphere, cozy setting among hand-made furniture and an ancient wooden wine press to feel the European flaire. There are more than 25 types of 2015 wines preparing to spoil your palettes and present the variety of tastes. Enjoy!